Saturday, June 13, 2009


Lilash is a stimulant for your eyelashes that is applied at the base of your lash line (applied like liquid eyeliner). It is guaranteed to make your eyelashes stronger and healthier, which promotes the growth of it. I came across Lilash a few months ago and was instantly interested in trying it out myself, especially after seeing many good reviews about it. Actually, this is probably the first product I have seen that had purely ALL positive reviews. That is the main reason why I purchased it. I am a young female with the typical short and straight eyelashes. I always dreamed of the long curled lashes, but could only achieve that look if I wore false eyelashes. When I first started using Lilash, I couldn't really see any differences in my eyelashes. I started off using it only once a day before I went to bed because some other users claimed that they got red and puffy eyes from the product, mainly due to over usage, so I decided to take the safe route. The product promised best results at 4-6 weeks of daily use. At 4 weeks I could definitely see a difference, especially when I applied mascara. However, I felt that the results were not worth my many dollars until week 6 came along.. By this time, I was applying Lilash twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed. At week 6 my eyelashes were the longest I have ever seen them. I honestly would recommend this product to anyone because it really works, you just have to be patient with it. I took some pictures of my before and after eyelashes, but have not uploaded them onto my computer yet, so look forward to my next few posts to show y'all some proof!

PROS: Does not irritate eyes, easy application, lasts a decent amount of time, comes clear and dries clear, REALLY works, tube looks good (lol)

CONS: Pricey if purchased directly from the site, especially since I am from Canada so it came out to almost $250 after taxes, shipping and duties (can be purchased on eBay for less), eyelashes don't grow to the same length all at once, but eventually does.

... to be continued!

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