Friday, June 12, 2009


Pink is one of my most favorite colours because it's really girly and cute.. I tend to buy a lot of unnecessary things just because it is pink and I know many other girls do the same thing too! Recently, I have noticed that there are soooo many different things that come in pink. I bought all pink workout equipment, tennis racket, comb, makeup kits.. and much MUCH more. Most things I have purchased are from the Breast Cancer line, which I personally think is brilliant. What an easy way to sucker girls like me into buying random things just because its pretty! And the best part is that it doesn't make me feel as guilty because part of the proceeds go towards Breast Cancer Research, which I think is a really good cause. A lot of neat things can be found on their online site. If you decide to purchase something you can input this coupon code to get a free classic pink ribbon.

CLICK HERE to go to the online store!

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